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Poltava Battle Minifigures Set

Saint Petersburg:
Worldwide shipping 3-5 weeks
Year of manufacture: 2022
Parts: 18
Minifigures: 2
2000.0 ₽
Bonuses for buy: 60.0 ₽

Original Lego parts with our own designed custom printing. We use UV-printing to customize Lego parts and minifigures.


Custom printed Lego body and original Lego head х2

Lego Headgear Hat, Pirate Tricorne / Triangle Black х2

Original Brickarms Musket х2


The Battle of Poltava (8 July 1709) was the decisive victory of Peter the Great (Peter I of Russia) over the Swedish Empire forces under Swedish king Charles XII, in one of the battles of the Great Northern War.

It was the beginning of the Swedish Empire's decline as a European great power, while the Tsardom of Russia took its place as the leading nation of north-eastern Europe. The battle also bears major importance in Ukrainian national history, as Hetman of Zaporizhian Host Ivan Mazepa sided with the Swedes, seeking to create an uprising in Ukraine against the tsardom.

Year of manufacture: 2022
Parts: 18
Minifigures: 2

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