Russian Special Purpose Police Squad minifigure v3

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The regions of the Russian Federation: доставка (3-7 дней)
Year of manufacture: 2020
Bricks: 5
Minifigures: 1
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Original Lego parts with our own designed custom printing. We use UV-printing to customize Lego parts and minifigures.

You get is what you see on the pics.


OMON (Russian: ОМОН – Отряд Мобильный Особого Назначенияromanized: Otryad Mobil'nyy Osobogo Naznacheniyalit. 'Special Purpose Mobile Unit', previously Russian: Отряд Милиции Особого Назначенияromanized: Otryad Militsii Osobogo Naznacheniyalit. 'Special Purpose Unit of the Militia') is a system of special police units within the National Guard of Russia. It previously operated within the structures of the Soviet and Russian Ministries of Internal Affairs (MVD). Originating as the special forces unit of the Soviet Militsiya in 1988, it played major roles in several armed conflicts during and following the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union.

OMON is much larger and better known than SOBR, another special-police branch of the National Guard of Russia. In modern contexts, OMON serves as a riot police group, or as a gendarmerie-like paramilitary force. OMON units also exist in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and other post-Soviet states. However, some post-Soviet units have changed names and acronyms. Russian-speakers commonly refer to OMON officers as omonovtsy

Year of manufacture: 2020
Bricks: 5
Minifigures: 1
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